Boston Dynamics SPOT the robot dog gets new accessories


Boston Dynamics SPOT the robot dog gets new accessories

Late in 2020 Boston Dynamics launched the SPOT dog for sale, a these retail for a stunning $74,500 without the additional accessories such as cameras, and LIDAR. Throughout the lifecycle of this robot they have added new accessories like payload packages and now a robot arm. The robot keeps morphing between something from Black Mirror, and The Terminator.

Arm picking up laundry seems pretty useful if you have a problem doing your own chores.

Spot gets a paintball gun

The most ambitious closing the gap between dog and terminator robot was the project that live streamed spot with a paintball gun attached to it.

Corporate overlord concerns

Ford Motor Company was quick to get on the bandwagon to employ a robotic dog as well. Ford is using this robot to help scan the factory floor and digitally map their plant layout and assist for new factory floor retooling events which Ford routinely does to the tune of hundreds of millions and billions of dollars if the retool is a major one.

Police State concerns

The State of Massachusetts have even started to use the Spot robotic dog to assist in law enforcement.