Survival: Open Source Ecology


Given the outright fragility of the state of the human race with COVID-19, and countless supply chain breakdowns with people not being able to get relatively essential goods like toilet paper to more important items like actual food since most of society are not farmers, and do not even have much in the way of a home garden if you are lucky enough to have a small space to have a home garden, or planter on a deck.

A modern day John Connor of sorts is working on a civilization reboot as he calls it. Marcin Jakubowski has a very interesting YouTube channel – which is described as ” We’re developing open source machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and sharing our designs on the Internet for free.” Check out the Open Source Ecology website for ideas as well. This was even written about in Bloomberg Businessweek.

There are tons of videos on the channel, and most of them are pretty in depth views of topics that range from 40 minutes to well over two hours on open source designs. Everything from making your own bricks, building structures, to open source tractors to farm your land.

TED Talk

Open Source Respirator

Given the state of COVID-19 and not everyone having access to a proper mask or respirator they cooked up an hour long tutorial to make your own.

Ultimate Doomsday Prepper Guide

Whether you are scared of politics, COVID-19 SARS, or other bio illness, Skynet becoming self aware and killing humans, zombie apocalypse, alien invasion or other doomsday scenario and you happen to have a pile of food, and supplies should you be fortunate to be one of the few left standing you would be crazy to not download the ultimate doomsday prepper guide and best part is that it is free.

In what is probably the ultimate backup plan for society they have developed the Civilization Starter Kit DVD download that would be able to show how to start farming and making equipment you need to literally restart civilization, so if you don’t like the way the world is shaping up, make that respirator, and then download this DVD, and burn a few copies to put into your survival gear pile just in case we get the big surprise.