Skynet on the Road


The past few weeks have been very important for autonomous vehicles being unleashed on the road.

The United States Military has hit the road with 4 talking vehicles on Michigan’s I-69.

Heard about @TARDEC_PAO’s 1st public-roads testing of Dedicated Short Range Communications?

Uber has announced that it’s fleet of driverless vehicles has hit the roads of Pittsburgh.

Ford Motor Company and China’s Baidu announced they each invested $75 million into a California company Velodyne LiDAR Inc. that makes laser sensors commonly referred to as LiDar sensors used for years for speed sensing adaptive cruise control. Today used for many inputs on autonomous driving.

Ford also announced another development that took many by surprise, that it will have fully self driving vehicles in the road within 5 years.

The Federal Government is also going to set rules on how driverless cars will work and operate on US roads.  More information at the Detroit News.