Sony Hackers can’t stop The Interview, could hit Netflix


theinterview to show skynetisreal

So it appears that the Sony Hackers won’t be able to silence the First Amendment in United States (you know freedom of speech) after all.

All of the pressure that the general public had regarding the censorship or lack of support by movie theaters has hit critical mass.  Days ago Sony found some independent movie theaters that had a backbone and some ambition to make money showing The Interview. In an odd twist of fate long time nemesis of the entertainment industry BitTorrent said it would be open to helping distribute the film profitably, however this offer did not materialize.  This was the tip of the iceberg as many other distribution channels have opened up their arms for The Interview in the last few days.  Variety is reporting that the Sony film is in fairly advanced talks with Netflix to air within days. Sony has already stuck deals with Google’s YouTube and Play Store for streaming rental options. Xbox Video is going to have a rental as well.

If you are interested in finding the movie on the big screen as it was orginally intended, and have some sort of urge to help Sony repair its bad image of managing crisis then Seth Rogen has a great tweet for you.  Oddly Seth Rogen has been quite a standout for information on all things related to The Interview.  So if you haven’t seen the preview yet check it out below.

Seth Rogen has some pretty important details on his Twitter like where to watch in theaters.  Check out his Twitter @Sethrogen. While you’re at it give Skynet Is Real a follow too!


YouTube, Google Play and Xbox will also offer the Sony comedy – Variety.