Emergency Alert System was hacked


A couple of weeks ago residents in Michigan and Montana were alerted with a false message from the Emergency Alert System. The hacker sent a warning for the impending zombiepocalypse.

Here is a video of the alert seen by many:

At about 8:36 p.m. Monday the stations were interrupted  with EAS warnings with a message scrolling across the bottom of the screen, proclaiming  ”dead bodies are rising from their graves.”  The alert claimed the bodies were “attacking the living.”

A hacker set up an alert that zombies were coming on some TV stations.

  • ABC 10
  • CW 5
  • WNMU-TV 13 at Northern Michigan University
  • Great Falls, Montana station KRTV
  • Two other unnamed stations

ABC 10 reported that the hacker was found, but other reports mention that these stations had default passwords setup, so more of a system administration fail.