DARPA’s Drone to rule them all ARGUS-IS


The drone that is created to rule them all for data collection has been created by DARPA. This super high 1.8 gigapixel resolution camera makes surveillance a snap for monitoring by drone flights.

While there isn’t pictures of the image sensor it is alluded too that the 1.8 gigapixel sensor is actually an array constructed from many cellular phone image sensors that are instantly patched together for video capture.

Quick factoids about the massive data consumed by this ARGUS drone camera

  • It can track in real time basically anything that is moving.
  • 1 million terabytes a day of video
  • Video feeds are stored forever (from all drone activity)
  • Can see objects as small as 6 inches from 15,000 ft.
  • Has been active since 2009
  • Camera is classified