Drones Give Commands to Robot Troops


Skynet commands robots from above

You can watch Skynet assemble the troops right before your eyes in this incredible communication between a fleet of robots that work together to complete challenges like getting over obstacles.  The communications take place with the lights, they do not use any sort of Bluetooth or WiFi communications.  Instead the method is spatially targeted communications which take into account the location of robots in proximity to others.

The drones from above can help to select the most efficient robots to use to complete a challenge. The robots can then self-assemble to actually complete tasks that are otherwise to difficult to accomplish on their own.

Skynet commands robots from above

The most impressive part of this entire operation is that it uses drones from above to help give commands to which robots need to be included in tasks. Drones have the ability to use the best vantage point possible to see the field and help command accordingly.

The video is a must watch.

Check out the paper that was presented at an IEEE conference.