Zombie Survival Gear Kit


I’ve been asked to post this even though its not completed. I’ve decide to crowd source it and make it a “work in progress”, so if you have ideas or know from first hand experience of a better product, put it in a comment.

So in all likelihood the Zombie Apocalypse will never happen. But if you’re like me, watching the walking dead and those classic b rated zombie gore fest’s, and start thinking of what you would do to survive, and more importantly, what you would need to survive. I’ll be breaking the list down to Essential Items, and Useful Items.

Essential Items

Potable Aqua Water Treatment Tablets

You won’t make it very far without water, and you wont last long if you don’t have clean drinking water. It takes 30 minutes to be safe to drink and up to two hours if water is below 40F. Not exactly for your everyday use, but if you have no access to safe water, this your next best bet for quick water.

 Coleman Big Basin Extreme-Weather Hybrid Sleeping Bag + Compression Sack


Chances are, you won’t be staying in a five star resort on a tropical island when everything hits the fan, and even finding a safe bed may be hard to come by. This bag is comfortable in the warmer temperatures (50-70), but is for those cold nights when its near 0F. This large version of the bag is for all shapes and sizes and two smaller people can fit in and still be comfortable. The compression bag is the same one I’ve used in the army, it compacts very well with multiple straps in two directions, and helps to keep things dry should it rain. It also works very well for compressing clothes to help make room in your pack for other items.

Ruck Sacks


If you plan on traveling quick and light this is the way to go, water on demand and a nice light pack that isn’t bulky or hard to take off.

If you plan on bringing everything you absolutely need/want this may be a better pack for you.


It’s large, you could literally carry a kitchen sink in it. it would hold everything you wanted it to hold and then some. It does not, however, have a built in camelbak but you can fit one into the frame pretty well. It’s also extremely bulky and easy to take off, but putting it back together is a pain in the ass.

Basic Supplies

You can never have to much water, plain and simple, with a few of these canteens you can have a constant cycle of clean and being purified water and never have to wait. If you get bit by a zombie it might be all over, but chances are just as likely that you will get a cut escaping the undead horde, or just walking through the woods. The first aid kit is useful to have around, but you hope you never have to use it. Same goes for this tourniquet and quickclot, better to have it and not need it then be bleeding out with nothing to stop it.

Food & Prep


Some of these are pretty obvious, fire starter, can opener, and grill are all for eating. The knife set, crossbow, bolts, and quiver not so much. The crossbow is a great dual purpose tool, can kill game animals for fresh food, but also a silent means of taking out a zombie so as to not alert his friends. The quiver can be strapped to your Molle packs for quick access to bolts, as can the machete’s and axe.

Useful Items

The GPS is pretty self explanatory, this model is rugged and survived a trip with me to Iraq with no problems what so ever. But if your like me and have an extremely detailed app for your phone, the Solar panel charger can become the single most useful thing to take with you. Keep batteries for lanterns or flashlights charged, charge your smartphone so you still have music or access to survival apps (yes they do exist), or for me access to a far more detailed GPS system that has the maps all stored on your device.The reason i say go with GPS over a map and compass is this, GPS satellites are solar powered, so short of old age short out or a cosmic anomaly that takes them out, they should run for a nice long time. The silly string and 550 cord can be extremely useful if your alone or plan on staying somewhere for a while. You can rig a door booby trap to shoot the glow in the dark string on to whatever comes through the door, thus giving you a great target to do with as you please.