Smart Phones will Betray Us


A newly developed Android smartphone “app” that is manifested as piece of malware is dubbed “PlaceRaider” and was developed with funds from the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center.  The killer functionality of the software is that it secretly allows for remote users to use your cellphone’s accelerometer and high definition camera to make  3 dimensional measurements of rooms to make guesses where victims spend the most time.  The exploit was first developed with Android 2.3 and is expected to be easily ported to all other popular mobile operating systems.

From these reconstructed rooms with high quality photos taken, victims can have data such as personal banking information, QR codes, and even written passwords snatched from their surroundings in what are generally felt to be safe from prying eyes.

This type of 3D measurement has been previously deployed with the likes of the Xbox 360 Kinect add on as early as 2010, and a lot of use has come from it. While the Kinect doesn’t employ the use of an accelerometer to aid in the 3D rendering.

The difference in this instance is that most users with Kinect’s actually know that they own one. cell phone users on the other hand will have no idea of the double agent status of their cellphone.