FBI Moneypak Virus tips


FBI moneypak virus

A few weeks ago I happened to be a victim of the FBI MoneyPak virus. Generally I shrug these events off, boot to safe mode and run my virus scans.

This was unlike anything I’ve ever come up against. All information was developing and in a small sad way I was almost honored to be one of the first victims; save for the major time sink.

Here is a great starting resource it helped me a lot.

It did not seem to fix everything. I ended up downloading registry repair utilities before my computer returned to normal.

I ended up going with a shot gun approach and threw everything I had at this particular virus.  I’d suggest starting with unplugging your internet connection as soon as you notice something is wrong, this is typically when you see a screen like this one:

Sometimes with the internet connection actually cut off you can gain more access to you computer.