You Bought Your Android, Know Your Rights, Protect Your Phone


Ever thought about “rooting” your Android phone? Worried it may void your warranty? The simple answer is it won’t. And for most phones it’s as simple as one download and pushing a button.

After that the possibilities are almost endless, you can block adds on your favorite time waster apps, control what apps have access to your data connection, and even control your phone remotely if it gets stolen. Below is a list of must haves for any smart phone user. Head over to XDA and find your phone to start rooting.

Titanium Backup-

The number one way to back up all of your apps and the data associated with them. If you switch to a new device, this is a must have to save all your data (especially your progress in angry birds), and transfer it to your new device easily. It also allows you to freeze all of that annoying bloatware that carriers put on their smartphones that you can never delete (no more BlockBuster popups). Click the Picture or this Link.



While the video explains most of it, its rather nice to not have adds crawling all over your apps while your using your phone (or playing your favorite addicting game). Follow This link to download this app.

Avast! Mobile Security-

One of if not the Best All around android security packages. It Includes Virus Protection, Full Firewall, Text and Phone Filters to stop Telemarketers, and much more for the great Price of Free. Follow this to download it.


Whether your Scatter Brained or Paranoid like myself, this app is a must have. If you lose your phone constantly, all you need to do is log in and tell it to play an alarm, and it will not stop until you turn it off (awesome when you left your phone on vibrate). You can also remotely monitor your phone if its lost or stolen, turn on the gps to find it, take a picture with either the front or back camera to see the face of who has your phone, record video or audio, and even remotely wipe your private data from your phone. This is also the only app on this list that is not free, but it is well worth the $3.38 lifetime license (which covers up to 5 Devices per License, ie. your whole family). Follow this Link to purchase this app.

Current Caller ID-


While this is geared more towards the social butterflies, it has a great subtle use, if you have an unknown number calling you, and its not a cell phone, odds are the white pages will have it in the database, letting you know instantly who or what is calling you, and where they are calling from. Play Store Link