Navy’s Anti Drone Laser Video

USS Dewey laser cannon test

Well what the US Navy wants, it gets. This video demonstration shows that the Navy has lasers powerful enough and fast enough to shoot down drones with lasers. Last August in 2012 the Navy carried out some testing on the USS Dewey, to prove out their new toy.

As always it was given a cool name The Laser Weapon System or LaWS.

Most impressive feature that this weapon has is that it is only estimated to cost $1 per shot. That is welcome news to Sequestration ears.

Checkout the New York Times report. Also take a look at Twitter’s hash tag for this week’s #SAS13

Rumor of this laser test were not exactly a great secret as The Unwanted Blog had shots last year of what appear to be the laser cannon.

USS Dewey laser cannon test spy photo