FBI is worried about driverless vehicles

The FBI is reportedly worried about the use of driverless vehicles for crime.

FBI fears autonomous vehicles

Some of their fears are related to gang violence with cars on autopilot while passengers perform drive-by shootings.  Another is vehicles being loaded up with explosives and set on some wild ride.  Hopefully the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) would step in before these types of vehicles are allowed on the roads completely unattended.

The Guardian



U.S. Army wants Robot Troops

With the advancement of Google positioning itself as a military contractor assembling a wide reaching robotics and now Artificial Intelligence groups it adds more power to the Military to look seriously at downsizing troops on the ground.  The goal is to replace them with robots.

The Telegraph

Google Buys DeepMind for SkyNet AI

Google purchased DeepMind which specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  All the better to put to use on all of those new robot companies that Google recently purchased.

google assembling skynet

The purchase was for a rumored $400 million.  So if there was any doubt that Google is looking to assemble Skynet you can now rest easy.




Skynet makes First Arrest, conviction

One of the Predator drones that help make up Skynet made their first arrest in the United States of America back in 2011.  The event took place in North Dakota the convicted cow thief and has just been sentenced to three years in prison, with all but six months suspended.skynet cow thief arrest skynet is real

Lesson learned when the SWAT team is called in a Predator drone may be their backup.

US News

NSA seeks computer to rule all

The National Security Agency (NSA) is looking to build a quantum computer that is capable of making all encryption obsolete.

There are many effects that a tool this powerful could have, such as quickly entering encrypted networks like financial banking institutions, gaining entry to weapons systems such as drones.  Read all about it at the Washington Post.

Washington Post

Checkout DARPA DRC

DARPA put on an International robotics challenge. Checkout the progress of Skynet.

DARPA put on a big robotics challenge here are the teams that were involved.

DARPADRC DARPA challenge skynet is real

LockheedMartin showed off it’s Atlas concept.

VA Tech had a very cool controller for their robot that allowed the operator to feel what the robot feels.

You can checkout a 10 hour video of the DARPA event on Youtube.

Exoskeleton budgetary breakthrough

Two students at University of Pennsylvania have tackled the issue of human augmentation on a budget.  They have created an exoskeleton arm upgrade for under $2,000.  A considerable deal since suits from companies like Parker Hannifin’s Indigo and Stryker can be as much as $100,000.

ABC News / AP

Google bought Boston Dynamics

Everyone’s favorite internet company purchased DARPA’s favorite robot maker Boston Dynamics.  There is clearly going to be some upgrades as Google has been making moves to advance their robotics presence recently.

google buys boston dynamics forms skynet

CNBC is reporting that Google also purchased 7 other robotics companies, although Boston Dynamics is probably the biggest eye opener.

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