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Drive a Jeep Cherokee with UConnect? Hold on to your butts, you’ve been Hacked

If you have a Fiat Chrysler Corporation (FCA) vehicle that is from 2013 or newer and has the UConnect system that has internet access hackers can officially kill you, by disabling your engine, transmission, and/or brakes.  Besides disabling these driving essentials they can override steering controls, tighten seat belts, honk the horn, turn on wipers. […]

Boeing has a Force Field Patent

Boeing you know the guys that have huge airplanes like the 757, 747, etc? Yes those guys, well they were just granted Patent number 8,981,261 B1 by the United States Patent office for a real life force field of sorts.  Effectively a high energy plasma arc is formed and as the patent says it is […]

DARPA unveils search engine Memex

  Often times people these days (including us) tend to think of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA as a robotics and drone work shop to help enhance battlefield technology.  The targets in the 60 Minutes segment appear to be sex traffickers, given the Defense aspect it would be more advantageous to point the Memex […]

FBI is worried about driverless vehicles

The FBI is reportedly worried about the use of driverless vehicles for crime. Some of their fears are related to gang violence with cars on autopilot while passengers perform drive-by shootings.  Another is vehicles being loaded up with explosives and set on some wild ride.  Hopefully the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) would step […]

Robots to overtake human Intelligence by 2029

According to Google robots will advance beyond human intelligence by 2029. The company probably has one of the best predictions given its recent acquisition binge on Artificial Intelligence and robotics companies in the last 18 months. Coupled with its in house data crunching abilities it doesn’t seem like a far fetched target.  It could be […]

U.S. Army wants Robot Troops

With the advancement of Google positioning itself as a military contractor assembling a wide reaching robotics and now Artificial Intelligence groups it adds more power to the Military to look seriously at downsizing troops on the ground.  The goal is to replace them with robots. The Telegraph

Google Buys DeepMind for SkyNet AI

Google purchased DeepMind which specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  All the better to put to use on all of those new robot companies that Google recently purchased. The purchase was for a rumored $400 million.  So if there was any doubt that Google is looking to assemble Skynet you can now rest easy. […]