robot fashion picker

Robots are now picking your fashion style

This may not be a master plan for Skynet to help pick fashion choices for clueless men. It’s probably just clever marketing. Unless your fashion choices are collected into a Skynet database and shared with a UAV Drone network to track your every move.  You decide.

darpa exacto self guided bullet

DARPA’s self guided bullets video

DARPA has published a video on its latest technology this one is more or less explicitly for killing Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO)which is unlike their prior robots that typically don’t have guns strapped to them.  This is being developed by Teledyne Scientific and Imaging unlike most of the robots which were through Boston Dynamics […]

Boeing force field patent 8,981,261 B1 skynet is real

Boeing has a Force Field Patent

Boeing you know the guys that have huge airplanes like the 757, 747, etc? Yes those guys, well they were just granted Patent number 8,981,261 B1 by the United States Patent office for a real life force field of sorts.  Effectively a high energy plasma arc is formed and as the patent says it is […]

amazon launches prime air

FAA blesses Amazon Drone program

Amazon now has Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permission to fly its drones that it showed the world last year. Most likely this means that the company can continue to research its drone delivery system and eventually Amazon can reduce its dependency on using actual people from delivery services like UPS, US Postal Service and Fedex […]

darpa memex

DARPA unveils search engine Memex

  Often times people these days (including us) tend to think of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA as a robotics and drone work shop to help enhance battlefield technology.  The targets in the 60 Minutes segment appear to be sex traffickers, given the Defense aspect it would be more advantageous to point the Memex […]

greenwich driverless vehicle

Driverless vehicles of Greenwich

There has been so much talk of late about the quest for a perfect driverless vehicle. Names have been dropped that every single automotive name from Ford, GM, BMW and on and on are working on driverless vehicles.  Then the less likely names like Google, which has confirmed its driverless program (the car doesn’t even […]

kicking darpa boston dynamics spot

Google’s Boston Dynamics upgrades the dog

We’ve highlighted the Boston Dynamics robot dog before. However clearly time, and likely some oversight by its new owner Google, the Boston Dynamics team has added some eye-popping enhancements. First you can now kick the 160 lbs. robotic dog “spot” and it will maintain its balance and correct itself. It has also gotten faster. Introducing […]

skynet is real artificial skin

Artificial pressure and heat sensing skin invented

We’ve long known that artificial intelligence is quite advanced, robotics are coming of age, DARPA has robots that look scary.  Now an Assistant Professor Kim Dae-Hyeong at Seoul National University has created an artificial skin that is capable of sensing pressure and heat. It doesn’t look like human skin that is found on Terminator robots […]

kuka ping pong vs human
theinterview to show skynetisreal

Sony Hackers can’t stop The Interview, could hit Netflix

So it appears that the Sony Hackers won’t be able to silence the First Amendment in United States (you know freedom of speech) after all. All of the pressure that the general public had regarding the censorship or lack of support by movie theaters has hit critical mass.  Days ago Sony found some independent movie […]