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Artificial pressure and heat sensing skin invented

We’ve long known that artificial intelligence is quite advanced, robotics are coming of age, DARPA has robots that look scary.  Now an Assistant Professor Kim Dae-Hyeong at Seoul National University has created an artificial skin that is capable of sensing pressure and heat. It doesn’t look like human skin that is found on Terminator robots […]

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Sony Hackers can’t stop The Interview, could hit Netflix

So it appears that the Sony Hackers won’t be able to silence the First Amendment in United States (you know freedom of speech) after all. All of the pressure that the general public had regarding the censorship or lack of support by movie theaters has hit critical mass.  Days ago Sony found some independent movie […]

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Robots that follow you around are here

  This isn’t exactly an earth shattering piece of technology, as robots have been envisioned to follow humans around and (possibly assassinate decades ago) remember how awesome the Jetson’s were?.  However this robot uses sonar and LIDAR to follow it’s human around. The technology is commercially available today. Probably more affordable than the DARPA pack […]

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BadUSB could be on the horizon

What out for what researchers have found as undetectable malware that can corrupt USB memory devices. This exploit has now been released into the wild. Watch the hacker presentation on the exploit on YouTube.  Everyone’s favorite way to transport files could be a silently lurking enemy to you and your computer.   Wired

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High Speed video can recover intelligible sound

The ability to record vibrations on the surface of an object with a laser and the ability to play those captured vibrations into intelligible sound has existed for quite some time.  However the ability to translate generic highspeed video into intelligible sound is quite new and exciting. The researchers at MIT have created a way […]

FBI is worried about driverless vehicles

The FBI is reportedly worried about the use of driverless vehicles for crime. Some of their fears are related to gang violence with cars on autopilot while passengers perform drive-by shootings.  Another is vehicles being loaded up with explosives and set on some wild ride.  Hopefully the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) would step […]